YII Application For "hotel Catalog"

Hi dear developer,
We are a fresh startup company that operates in Italy.
We are actually concerned in hotels managements ad we are working on a quite big project, and we need to deploy some basic functionality fasts, in a short amount of time.
For achive that objective we need to insert in our team a new figure that has a good knowledge of YII framework and a strong database engineering experience (actually we are based on Mysql as main DBMS).
The figure we are searching for is a freelancer that will work togather with our developing team for shortening the time needed to launch our new service.

Briefly we need to develope this functionality:
- A solid database structure act to contain some information about our customers, that can be expanded in a near future
- A front end logic, that shows personal page for each customer, and let the end-user to interact with our database for search and compare data about services provided by our customer.
- A (simple) back administration functionality, that let the marketing people rapidly interact with customers and manage new subscription

This are the 3 macro steps that we need to deploy this functionality before the 15 of February.

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  • 01/04/2012 12:17:48 AM
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