Write An Ebook And Catchy Title And Sub-title

I want to write an eBook about personal development,self improvement , to help entrepreneurs , business owners ,individuals and corporations to discover the full potentials of their mind to grow their business and careers.in fact this book must be designed for individuals who wants a breakthrough of their present condition of working for someone else ,exchanging their time for money but have no idea how. or for successful individuals that has achieved a certain degree of success but they reach the ceiling.
Candidates must be and english speaker . Excellent English writing skills and a familiarity with these topics in self help ,coaching and mentoring and physiology, punctual an easy to communicate with. and able to deliver information of the progress.
Creative and engaging style that will appeal to broad groups of people.
must be written in a conversational tone.add images and illustrations to help readers grasp the meaning of the information backed up with real time statistics , and a real time with people experiences, no hype or fiction.
I will encourage to also give me ideas of how this book should be named [ tips: the power of the will, be careful what you focus on, the universal law for achieving and success ] with a sub-title that best motivate the audience , like: 7 step by steps , road map to.. , this book will be broken into seminars , audio and video presentations.
only persons that are willing to stick until the project is completed , need to apply , please..!!

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