Wordpress Links Plugin

This WordPress plugin should display widget with links to other people's websites

Member can generate points by showing other people's links on his own sites' widgets,
then spend those points by showing his links on other people's websites.

Each time a members link is displayed somewhere on the network they use up a point and this reduces their points balance. They earn points each time they display the widget.

Members should not be able to generate more points by refreshing browser on the same page,
thus only the unique visitors (by IP address) to their website will add them points.
However, if the same visitor browses different pages on the member's website, the user should get points for each different page visited by visitor.

There should be an admin panel where member can adjust settings.
I should be able to install this admin panel on a different website and grant access to users to modify their settings.

The steps member must take in order to use the plugin:
1. Create an account with basic level on Admin website and then login (if password forgot, be able to automatically recover password)
2. Add member's site in the admin panel
3. Download the plugin
4. Install plugin and Wordpress widget on a site
5. Activate (confirm installation) plugin on the admin panel. The website URL where plugin is installed must match the URL in the admin panel, otherwise the activation should fail.
6. Add links/anchor text in the Admin panel
7. Throttle display of links to certain amount of points and/or days. Members should be able to batch edit link throttling.

The widget on the user's Wordpress site then will display up to 10 links from other members in the network. And the links the member himself adds into the system will be displayed across the network.

Admin should be able to set up up to two permanent links that will appear on every member's widget. Members should not be able to edit those links, except the ones they have personally added.

- Admin should be able to setup different user levels
- Admin should be able to adjust how many points the user level will get per display of other people's links
- Admin should be able to set up given amount of points, allowed amount of sites and links.
- Admin should be able to edit/delete user accounts and their sites/links
- User should be able to add/delete only his own sites/links. User should be able to upload csv file with his links/anchor text

Admin should be able to change each user's settings

- Amount of points
- Amount of sites
- Amount of links

Admin should have a statistics panel, which shows how many users, sites, links and points, etc are on the total network or per user, and ability to sort alphabetically such data, and export it if needed.

All rights to the script will be transferred to the me (your employer) and no claim shall be made in regards to ownership of the script.

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