Wordpress Expert - Search Box That Can Show Results By Tags

First, please only bid on this project if you are familiar with Wordpress and are confident that you can accomplish the task below EASILY.

This is an easy project for someone who understands what I'm looking for... If you bid more than $60, then your bid won't be accepted because that's my budget for this project)

Project Details:

-Create a search box in place of the one that is there now (http://www.renterfriendly.com is the site)

-The search box must be able to auto populate tags that start with the letters the user is typing in.

-When the user clicks on the tag that auto populates, they must be taken to a results page that shows all the posts that include that tag.

To help you understand exactly what I'm looking for, I will explain what the site is about..... The site is for people to search for apartments, so each tag is listed as the city, state... For instance "Anaheim, CA" is one of the tags on the site. When someone types in "Anah" in the search box, the full city names that start with those letters must drop down for the user to quickly see and click on, then they will be taken to a results page that displays each apartment listing appropriately in the results.

If you have any questions about the project that I haven't explained already, then please send me a PM.

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  • $30-$250
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  • 02/19/2012 02:58:12 PM
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