Website With Dedicated IP Being Attacked

our website with dedicated IP has been hacked two weeks ago, the website disappear from google search result for several days, and then when we check our domain name in google, the hacker's website URL appear and
clicking his URL, then visiting his website instead of ours

we have checked the hacker's website IP address
actually, the hacker's website has two IPs, one IP is the original IP address
and the another one is the same dedicated IP used for our website before hacking.
for example,
when you check the hacker's URL without www, then the original IP address show up.

when you check the hacker's URL with www, then the dedicated IP address show up.
the attack for our website is specific to Google as our website is normal in other search engines.
our website is pure static HTML web site without any PHP code and database such as CMS, mysql, Jooma.
therefore, the attack is specific to the dedicated IP .

we have moved our website to a new hosting account with a shared IP.
my website is hosted in linux server with PHP.

we need to find someone who can change the domain back to us when search our domain in google.
in order to make us confidence about your ability to solve problem, Please let us know how could this hacking happen and what you will do to fix the problem and time frame.

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  • 03/29/2012 01:19:25 AM
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