Web Publishing Administrators - Must Be Based In The U.S.

A personal PR firm, which publishes professional pieces of content to the web for executives and high-profile clients, is seeking skilled, detailed Web Publishers. We currently have 30+ team members in this role, and we need to hire about 10 more, so please feel free to refer other qualified colleagues and friends. This is a remote contract position with flexible hours.

As a Web Publisher, you will work directly on publishing tasks in a content management system. The tasks that you work on are generated by the firm's in-house publishing team. The in-house publishing team makes decisions of where to publish specific content and describes how to link content within a specified task. The Web Publisher then acts on these decisions by making web properties and publishing content to them in the manner specified by the internal publishing team.

The ideal candidate will be able to work quickly yet maintain high quality work as they publish content to sites for clients. Web Publishers must demonstrate the ability to read instructions within a task very carefully, alert the internal staff of any task-related confusion, and be able to successfully publish each task. In addition, Web Publishers should be responsible for double checking their work and to catch minor content errors, such as typos.

- Familiarity with web
- Ability to make profiles on web sites
- Proofreading skills
- Attention to detail
- Previous web publishing experience is a plus
- Only US-based candidates can be considered at this time

- Compensation is $3.00 per completed task (this is the net amount to you after the oDesk fee). Hours are flexible, but this is an ongoing project, so the $500 budget listed in the posting is somewhat arbitrary.
- Our current team members complete at least five tasks per hour on average.
- Payments will be issued daily based on completed and approved tasks.

1) Please complete the Education and Employment History sections of your oDesk profile.
2) In your cover letter, please describe any relevant experience you have with web publishing.

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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • Max $500
  • Start Date
  • 02/13/2012 09:56:41 PM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired