Web Development Project

This website should be modeled after http://www.berecruited.com/. I would like to be able to build a very concise profile complete with stats on the player as well as their grades and calculated GPA. I would like to be able to type in the name of the class and the grade received and it will show up for anyone with permissions for "coaches and recruiters". This should be done for security purposes. I would also like for all of the information to be under SSL for security purposes. The information that will be housed in these databases will be very confidential. I would also like for the "web application" to be able to go out and download the admission requirements for all of the Division 1, 2, and 3 schools so that the application can automatically determine if the student is eligible for that school based on the admission requirements and what the student already has. Alot of the information for this will be found on http://professionals.collegeboard.com/guidance/prepare/athletes/clearinghouse.
Also the student has a Clearinghouse GPA based on the courses they have taken in high school, please look at this page and add as much functionality as possible based on the information found on the link below http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Grading_and_GPA/CalculationoftheCoreGPA.pdf

I would also like to have all the courses NCAA approved for high school students to be in the database so that I can simply type in the name of the course and the school and it will indicate if the class is on the clearing house list of approved classes or not. The list of classes is found here


I would like for the requirements and course titles offered, approved and not approved to be listed for the schools in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi.

Also coaches and players should be able to access and communicate about the performance tapes on each video but the comments should be sent directly to the players and their coaches. This information is not to be published publicly.

For the purposes of Search Engine Optimization, the player's name should be able to be found in a search engine however, to view any information pertaining to that player, the person must be registered and my staff and I will be the only people allowed to approved and disapprove membership to the site.

All this under consideration, the fields that I feel that will be displayed for the players looking is players are the fields for Name, School , Coach's name, coaches phone, coaches email address, players phone number, all of the highlight pictures and videos, jersey number, and position. This is to be on the profile tab titled General, academic, and Contact info. For the coaches looking at players, the will be able to see all of this as well as Calculated GPA (based on grades and another GPA from clearinghouse), which will be on a tab for academics.
Due to the vastly approaching kick off time, I will need to talk to you all more and more and stay updated often so please check your messages often.

Also any other suggestions, ideas or applications will be greatly appreciated. This is where all the information will be coming from


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