Web Design Joomla RTL UTF-8 Arabic Support

I am interested in creating a simple website using Joomla. The most important aspect of this website is that it is written in Arabic. In other words, I need it right-to-left, and I need it to support the Arabic completely "UTF-8".
The website contains 5 main headlines, each one of these contains 10 - 20 different topics. I want the website to be empty, and I will fill it from the back end of Joomla.
I need every single one of these pages to be able to add text and pictures such as banners. I will add the texts and banners later by myself.
The design is very simple, I need it a two to three colored website which looks edgy and professional. You will provide me with design alternatives and I will choose which one to use.
The colors I am thinking about are mainly Gray and Blue. Let the banners be in Blue and the background in Grey. The font mainly in Black.
I hope my explanation is easy, and I am ready to give further info when needed.
Thank you

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