VTiger Contact And Potential Creator

I am looking for a developer to create a basic webform that uses .htaccess password protection

When successfully accessed, I want the user to enter basic lead information such as:
First Name, Last Name
Street Address, City, Zip

Product Interested In (Drop Down)
Lead Source

Age of Home
Color of Home
etc. . . .

When submitted, I want software to look to see if a contact is already in the CRM. If the lead is in the CRM, I want a potential to be created and linked to the Contact.

If there is NO contact in the CRM, I want a contact record created then a potential record created and linked to the contact.

Need 2:
I would like for someone to provide a script (Bash, PHP, or Perl) that will take a Semicolon (;) delimited file, loop thru the file and create potential records.

Need 3:
I would like someone to create a script that will remove duplicate contact records and potentials that can be ran on a cron

Need 4:
I would like someone to create a script that will normilize data. All & signs should be AND, all lowercase should be Uppercase.
All phone numbers formatted as
(314) 555-1111 would be converted as 3145551111

I would like to have this done as soon as humanly possible and one that can communicate effectively and timely.

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  • 03/27/2012 08:55:24 PM
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