VBulletin 4 To IRC Eggdrop Announce

I am after a IRC Eggdrop TCL script that will announce new posts that have been made on my forum (vBULLETIN 4.1.10)

When a new post has been made on the forum it will tell the eggdrop bot to announce it.

New Post: <Post title> <url to the forum post>

The vbulletin part must allow me to select the forum ids that i wish to include in the announcements so that the private forums stay private.

It is also possible that i will require more development on this at a later date with more features like new member announce, article announce etc

New User: <member name> - <url to the members profile page>

Only apply if you have experience with irc eggdrops and vbulletin 4.


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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • £30-£100
  • Start Date
  • 02/03/2012 10:43:53 AM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired