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*** Please read the job description carefully and do not apply unless you are 100% sure you can fulfill all parts of the job within the given time frame ***

Hi Developers,

We have this Magento shop:

Here are the Basic facts:
We are selling carparts and our shop consists of the following:
400.000 Products
15.000 Attribute values
250 Categories

- Each product is linked to one or more Attribute values and one or more (sub)Categories.

- The Attribute values are all under 1 Attribute called Cars. Each of the 15.000 Attribute values represent one unique car model like "Porsche Cayenne 4.8 V8". The values are listed with the following format in the DB: "Porsche#Cayenne#4.8 V8".

- The Categories are in 2 levels only; We have 18 Main Categories with around 10-15 subcategories under each. Each Category is a kind of Product Group like "Headlight", "Wheel" or "Exhaust" etc.

And here is what we need:
A - Generally we wish to have a 3-step car selection drop down menu on the left, where the user can find/select his car.
B - After finding his car, the user should be shown the relevant Categories and only when selecting the Category, the products should be shown.

And the detailed explanation:
A - We wish to have a 3-step drop down menu on the left, like you see on the website now. However this drop down should represent all the Attribute values and not Categories. As explained above each Attribute value have the following format: Car_Manufacturer#Car_Model#Engine_Type
Example: Porsche#Cayenne#4.8 V8

We would like the first drop down to show all the first part of the Attribute values, like "Porsche", but obviously only one of each eventhough there will be many Porsche's in the DB.
When the user selects the first drop down, the second drop down should show all second-part-Attribute-values where the first part match the selection in drop down 1.
When the user then selects the second drop down, the third drop down should show only all the third parts of the Attribute values where both the first and second parts match the user selections.

The Drop Down menu should contain AJAX functionality so the entire page does not need to refresh upon selections in the drop downs. Furthermore the selections should stay in session, so eventhough the user clicks round the website, the selected car stays selected until user decides to change.

B - After the user has selected the 3 drop downs and thereby found his Car, we wish to display the relevant Main Categories matching the products for this Car. We do not want to just show all Categories so user risk clicking menus with no products. Only Categories that contain products should be shown.

This is the tricky part. After selecting the exact Attribute value through the drop down menu, the system should find which Categories that contain products. As Categories and Attribute values are not linked directly but only through the Products, this has to be made in a few requests I believe.

One suggestion for building the script could be:
1 - find attribute (when user selects from the 3-step drop down)
2 - find all products related to this attribute
3 - find all subcategories related to these products
4 - find all main categories related to the subcategories
5 - display main categories from step 4
6 - display subcategories from step 3
7 - display products related to subcategory selected in step 6 + related to attribute in step 1

We have explained what we need now and a possible solution, but if you have other ways/ideas of how to do this, so Magento runs as fast and smooth as possible, then we are all open to suggestions.

Deadline & Terms:
The deadline is fixed to 19/1-12. We have to have this function up and running by that date. If the job is not finished, we hold the right to cancel t

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