Tea Company (Wordpress + ECommerce)

This site was started by a previous web developer: http://jigsawfilmworks-llc.com/test-serv/client0108/

We will provide all psd and design files for integration into the site.

Also here are some sites from other tea companies that we liked and our comments about what we did and did not like about those sites.

We took a look at 2 websites that we'd really like to use as blueprints for the website:

What we like:

Color Choice - Bright yet serene

The slideshow of the product images

Tea catagories featured across the top of the page

Pictures of the teas in the cup going across the top of the page showing the shade each type of tea steeps to

Too much info. @ the bottom of the home page - takes up too much space on the page

Visually attractive & bold - use of the company logo as a background design - looks real upscale
Colo Choice - (black & white) - bold & classy
Photo images of the product on the home page -WeI like the image of the tin packaging next to the actual loose leaf tea with the brief desc.of the flavors
We like the images photographed with the white background allowing the product to stand out
Looks like a product that appeals to an affluent customer base

Home page layout - The same information tabs are located on the top, bottom and side of the home page

Simplistic design
Slideshow of images on home page

Categories not visible enough
Too many choices within categories
Elements we would like for the website:
Attractive images of the product on the homepage
A space to feature "tea of the month"
mailing list info page
event page
USDA Organic symbol added next to organic teas

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