TCP Client / Radio Control To Send Text Files To A Server.

This proposal is to write a new visual basic project that will run/compile in 32 or 64 bit under Visual Studio 2010. The opening screen is to come up with logo and version information with menus at across the top to include COMMS, LOG, CONTROL, HELP and CLOSE/EXIT:

COMMS: This will bring up a window that shows the setup variables (called profile) to include:
a. Manually set frequency (frequency list to be provided to the programmer)
a. Manually set frequency (frequency list to be provided to the programmer)or, use the COM serial port to get the frequency information from an Icom radio. A box in this window will show the frequency read.
b. Type of radio. This will select the CI-V addr of the Icom as each model has a different "address".
Those addresses will be provided. This will be a drop down list to select the proper radio.
c. The IP/Hostname of the TCP server
d. The port of the TCP server
e. A password/keyword to access the server up to 64 characters
f. A password/keyword box that shows the responding keyword from the tcp server up to 64 characters.
g. Directory selection for the directory to watch for new files to be sent to the server.

COMMS must support more than one of the above setups running at the same time. Each configuration will be called a profile and be capable of watching different directories and all the specifications as above. For example, two profiles could be running at the same time watching different directory, having different frequency or radio attached (via a com port), a different host/port, etc. Error checking to require all the information (a, b, c, d, e and g) is there before the profile can be saved. A method of deleting the profile should be available.

A button that will test the setup should be in the profile called TEST. Clicking this will send a test string to the tcp server and expect an "OK" back. Verification or failure should be noted on the screen.

LOG: This will keep a record of the transmissions sent and received.
a. Need to be able to turn on and off -- simple check box.
b. Selection box to set the location and name of the log.
c. Window to view the log file (see comments below)

LOG will log the (1)time of the communication, (2)the host/ip/port and (3) the filename that was sent. An option to include the actual data sent should be included.. LOG will create a new log file for each day.

a. Start - will send file text as it appears in the subdirectory along with 3 - 4 other variables to be specified.
b. Stop - Stop sending files.

There also needs to be a flag that will cause the program to automatically start upon execution.

a. Submenu for About for information, version number, etc.


a. Close the program. Confirm that the user wants to close.

The tcp communication module should be simple interface to receive a text string and send it for future requirements.

The main purpose of the program is to watch for new files to be added to a specified directory and then send that file along with a few other vars to the tcp server in standard text. Upon reading and sending the file, it is renamed to something else based on a format which will normally be like FILENAME.TXT to FILENAME.X.TXT to show it has been sent. Of course, that format can be used to look for fresh files without having to build a database, etc.

The name of the project/exe file will be provided later. A test computer can be provided including radio.

Three files are attached for reference only..
1. Is a VB6 has Icom radio scripts.
2. is BAD project file from last programmer.
3. hsr_server.c is a basic tcp_server for receive

This project is being reposted. Do not bid if you will be unable to provide as specified on time. I've gone thru two other freelancers that dropped the ball. Future extensions of this project are possible.

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