Starting A Voip (Calling Card & Pc To Phone) Business

This project is only for entrepreneurs / Employers / Businessmen

Buy complete source code with attractive GUI to start your own Calling-Cards and Pc-To-Phone website Business.

The source code is already being used and developing a significant business, please browse website www.LowDial.Com
You can start a voip business within a week. we are selling full source code with website interface.

The source-code and the interface is developed solely by our in-house team and completely reusable and redistributable.

What do you get?
Literally everything! following is the full details of deliverables.

- Complete Customer Interface with Source Code (PHP or ASP).
Customer Interface includes following functions:
a) customer can check account balance.
b) Customer's call history including Call date/time, Call cost, duration, called number.
c) Customer can change password account password.
d) Add phone numbers in pinless dial (ANI/Caller Id Authentication) feature.
e) Add phone numbers in speed dial (One Touch Dial/Short code dial) feature.
f) Update Personal Details (Name, Address, Contact number, etc).
g) Update Credit Card Details. (Credit card number, expiry, cvv code, billing address etc).

- A new Website and logo Design with resource files (e.g. Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator)

- Website Content

- Integrated Calling-Cards Pc-To-Phone billing modules (PERL) supported by Asterisk.

- MySql Database Source Code.

- Pc-To-Phone Dialer Application. (Licensed Version, source code is not available).

- web dialer to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome ....

- Admin Interface Source Code (PHP or ASP).
a) Create New Packages/Brands.
b) Add A-to-Z Call Termination Provider/Vendor.
c) Set call rates for any destination.
d) Customer Search (using Name, Email, Phone, Pin number etc).
e) Recharge Customer Account.
f) Call History. (call date time, buying cost, selling cost, profit, call duration, called number, vendor....etc)
g) Report to check daily Profit.
h) A-to-Z Calls Termination Vendor integration.
i) check order, process new orders ......... and many more features and reports.

- Local Access Numbers setup/configuration.

- Customer Support Center setup, configuration & Asterisk configuration files.
Your team can provide customer support to your customers.

- PayPal Payment Integration.(PayPal Verified Account is required)

- Credit Card Payment Integration (Internet Merchant Account is required)

- 12 months Free Technical Support.

- iphone dialer (to make calls using wifi and 3G) & iphone dialer Complete Source Code. (Optional; it will cost you USD 1500 additionally)


- a Domain Name.
- a linux based dedicated server (For Asterisk & Billing Module & MySql Database)
- a VPS/Dedicated Windows Based Server (If customer interfaces are required in ASP)

Technical Details:

- Calling-Cards Pc-To-Phone billing modules support Unlimited Concurrent Calls.
- Load Balancing Supported. You can have multiple linux servers to balance concurrent calls load. Billing Module is designed to
support multiple.
- G.729 & G.723 codecs can be provided in your Asterisk Server.

Customer Interface Demo:

visit www.LowDial.Com
Login: demo
Password: demo

Admin Interface Demo:

Due to security reasons, We can't provide admin interface demo here.
Please write us if you need to have a demo of admin interface.
We can arrange it for you.


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Job Details

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  • Job Status
  • Job Expired