Start Up App.

We are start-up co. needing an app that would allow members to view clues and search for hiddend caches, similar to geocaching. Clues are only available to members, so it would need some sort of log in verification. It would then interface? with our website, and pull the clues up so they would be available on a mobile device. The clues would be searchable by Zipcode. Entering a zip, after logging in, would pull up a list of all caches in that zipcode - with a distance from the users location to each cache. selecting a cache would pull up a split screen, with a static photo on top, and a moving map on the bottom showing the user's location, and the location of the clue. The clue location is a half-mile radius on the map, with the actual location falling somewhere within the circle (not necessarily in the center of the circle). so a user would be able to see his icon on the map moving around inside of the 1/2 mile circle as he searched for a match for the photo image on the top of the split screen. The split screen would also allow the user to select either full map view or full photo view.

each cache contains a unique code, and the code would be entered in a "code-room" box, that again would interface with the website - sending the member the unique message that the code is linked to.

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