SKC-JJU 256 Number1 - Repost

I am proposing an encryption system which has the potential to make things a little faster and could possible stir cryptography to claim openness as well. I call it eXCIPHER: It is described by way of mathematical elements of the GF. This is necessary for grasping the specifics. This is followed by the Knight's tour analogy: The key rationale (external context), embedded in the design proposed. The description of the cryptographic system will be clearly shown to volunteers or prospects. Other interested people (students) are welcomed to it. The implementation and practicality of the cipher (eXCIPHER) is been patterned as a prototype in java at the time of writing.

My goal will be to make this cryptographic system available for collective development. The promise of numerous flavors presents ample opportunities in commercializing the product. There are functions to the system making absent known disadvantages and possible limitations.
I presently seek two (2) students or people who are prolific in C++ and Java languages. The work is to design an application for encryption and decryption based on the algorithm or method I have developed.

I will directly work with the interested individuals. I am almost certain that this could be the most fun project for any one that will be interested.
My project is to write a commercial viable cryptographic system. I do have the prototype but I am not a professional programmer. I will like to write all the parts (interface, implementation and execution) separately so that it will be analyzed and hacked by others for faults. The system is very promising and the details are noted in a book I wrote. I will prefer honest citizens of the world especially those with conscience. Note there will be a NCDC for this project.

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