A Site Like Www.prizee.com

(these things are important, so you don't waste my time, I won't waste yours.)
I have opened another project with similar requests, but all my bidders...they don't do my project. They love to bid.
So, dear freelancer, PLEASE:
- do not bid if you don't have time to do it, or if your team is already working on another project.
- do not bid with other offers like: SEO, site traffic, facebook scripts or other virtual goods.
- do not bid if you DON'T want to show me a working demo! (is frustrating that everyone asks money in advance, they said they can do it, but they don't show you nothing)
- do not bid, if after the bidding you send me a message and tell me that kind of project is imposible do be done, or it costs more then the budget.
- do not bid if it takes 5-10 days for a printscreen that can be do in 1 day or less.

The deal is:
- I want a demo first. A small demo with a few functions, with at least 1 working game like in www.prizee.com for example:
- I want a deadline.

All my requirements are here, and also "a primitive description" in attach, so any developer will understand what I mean, and what I want.

I want this project to be done, and if you can't do it..just let others who can.
Thank you for understanding. So below are my requirements: (in attach is more detailed)

I would like to have a site like prizee.com - an exact structure like prizee have but with different graphic design.
I am looking for:
- a few games (not all of them) - the scratching games, slot machine games, and others from there. (of course, different graphic for the games)
- the referrals system (banners, bonusses)
- forum integrated
- raffles (created in admin with minimum of participants, the prizes can be won in 1st level, 2nd level, and 3rd level. Automated raffels - dayly, weekly, monthly)
- ads zone - where i can insert the advertisers code (with statistics, impressions, etc)
- newsletters in 2 ways: first way to send an automatic email to users who missed the site over 7 days, and the second way it html newsleter with news and promotions.
- some kind of a shop - where the user can choose some products and he will pay with the money in his treasure chest.
- the timer - i mean: the user can play only some games on a day, and then at 00.00 PM the clock is resetting, and he will play the next day another set of free games. Also the games count i can set in admin - because sometimes (in valentines day for example) they will be able to play more free games..
- another set of game not free, they will pay to play those games from the points they won in free games (in his treasure chest)
- statistics for users - so i can see who and when he logged in, and i can assign them points, messages, etc.
- a custom form to register, with a recognition of duplicate entries. (I will tell you what fields i need)

Of course the main ideea is the user must have a function to take points while winning in games, and after he rich the specified amount he can participate to raffles to win money voucers or products - the voucers, products, i can insert it through an admin sistem.

The games should be in flash (but if you have other good suggestion i am opened to new) and must be created from zero.
The bidder i choose must make me a demo, (on his server) so i can see the project frontend and backend fully function before i pay.

The site will be in 2-3 languages but the translation is my problem, i will handle this!

On the www.prizee.com there are many functions, please login and see all of them. (Here i mentioned only a few features, but there is more)
Happy bidding, and i am looking the faster and the cheaper bidder.
In time, we will be adding new features, and we will pay the bidder who makes our site for part time projects for this website - like creating and integration of new games, some maintenance..etc

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Job Details

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  • Start Date
  • 12/29/2011 09:54:41 PM
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  • Job Expired