Simple Web Interface To Manage Configuration Parameters

We are a team of developpers supporting the core functions of a social website. We need some extra help for some side functionality. This is a first simple task to evaluate the possibility to work with you in a long term basis.

- We have a table containing config params for every user account.
- The table may also contain a default value for each param (master value).
- WE NEED A WEB INTERFACE to interact with the configuration parameters in a friendly way.
- You should consider Admin, Agent and Client roles.

* Admin is able to:
1. set the descriptions for each parameter so the rest of the users can understand them
2. set the possible values for each parameter. (some have open values)
3. set if the parameter value can be modified by the Client.
4. change the master (default) values for each parameter, as well as client values.
5. create a new param
6. assign any param to a category, for the sake of keeping them organized. Would be nice to be able to expand the categories.

* Agent is able to
7. change user param values for any user

* Client
8. Can only change its own parameters, as long as they are set as writeable

9. The program should log every change, keeping track of old value, new value, datetime, and user.

10. The interface shoud display one User Config set at a time.

11. You don´t need to worry about user management. You will be told how to read the user info from a cookie.

12. Not every master value has a client value, and not every client value has a master value.

We love friendly interfaces with a lot of ajax.

We will give you a copy of the config table so you have some real stuff to work with. You will need to build and manage the Param Descriptions table which doesn´t exist yet.

Now we need to hear from you. Please make a draft of how you imagine the interface out from understanding these requirements. You can use Excel to do it really fast. I only care about making sure you get the idea.

We sincerily hope to find a freelancer we can make a long term relationship with.

Hope to hear from you!

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