Selection Of Graphic Artist For Logos, Printed Material And Websites

We need Graphic Design artist to create the logos and home pages for the following sites.

The logos should not include ".com" in them.

The banners should approximately match the placement of and the position of the ball needs to be kept for some object where our spokesperson can 'sit' during the video.

The page needs to allow for the functionality it has now, basically for candidates to find jobs.

We will consider drafts of one or more concepts, and we won't pay for them. The awardee will be hired to make all the pages above, plus possibly the following:

and finally our main site:

The coding of the pages will be assigned on a separate solicitation. This is for Graphic Design only.

All about us is in our website at the end of this list. We are a 19 years old company from Florida and we have been working with Odesk (and others) for many years.

As a general concept: we like clean, 'airy', almost minimalist, not busy. Helvetica is the font we like to use throughout. It is important that the designs, colors, spaces, etc. are very attractive and pleasant. We prefer good design overall.

We are able to work with contractors and artists from any western countries, and eastern European for communicating, understanding and security reasons.

We will evaluate drafts, quotes and estimated time to complete each, and select the one/s we prefer on March 31st 2012. Work will begin within a week.

Thank you and good luck with your proposal. Please be original, creative and keep our audience (IT Candidates for jobs) in mind.

Pablo Vitaver. CEO.

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Graphic Design Expert

We are looking for a graphic designer who can be proficient in Microsoft Word and Publisher . The Designer will have demonstrated strengths in graphics design, project management, and communication...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $5
  • 5 years, 3 months left

Website & Logo Designer

Im looking for a talented and fast designer who can deliver Psd files in layers. I need the header , footer , buttons etc. all in separate files so my programmer can implement them Please contact me for more details We will have multiple jobs if your good !

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $30
  • 2 years, 4 months left

A Secure Long-term Fixed Fulltime Job - Graphic Designer

Looking for a Web Designer to create multiple designs. Do not apply on behalf of a company! Tasks: - Design/edit graphics, logos, business cards, pictures - Design web pages 2d and 3d - Drawings Requirements: - Excellent Photoshop, Illustrator - Specialist (i.e...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $500
  • 2 months, 1 week left

Full Time 3-D Graphics Designer/Artist Needed

I'm looking for a 3-D graphics designer/artist who had wide range of experience with - 3-D character creation, modelling and animation - good design skills - creative and innovative - good with color scheme and able to use it to create good design - had worked on 3-D character/cartoon before...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $5
  • 10 months, 2 weeks left

Mental Labs

Mental Lab is like having a thinking hat on, but not with this. This is for people to make a image in their minds. Like rooms in a house but it will be a pyramid and an underground rooms. Each room has it on subjects...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $5
  • 1 year, 3 months left

Creating A New MMORPG - Need Workers/ Partners (URGENT).

Basically, I need help making the mmorpg (as i can't make it myself and im looking for some workers to be part of the company:) ). Like making the models, enviroments, site, coding etc. And when the game gets profit, i will give some of the profit for whoever is working in the company...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $5
  • 2 years, 5 months left

Technical Animator

We're looking for a talented illustrator/animator who can create highly technical, realistic, and very accurate 5-15 second animated videos. The videos will not have sound, and will provide a visual supplement to various how-to articles for electric, auto, and home improvement subjects...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $111
  • 2 months, 1 week left

Typography Lyric Videos Wanted

We want typography lyric videos to be done, with effects. We'd prefer someone from India, but as long as you have the experience,then fine. Tell your rate for such a video. This is urgent work. So, apply if you can start today.

  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $100
  • 3 days, 14 hours left
  • Fixed Price Project
  • Max $1000
  • 1 month, 2 weeks left

Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • Max $10
  • Start Date
  • 03/16/2012 07:12:56 PM
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