Security Engineer

Position Title: Security Engineer
Employment Type: Full-Time Employment
Location: Manhattan, NY

Position Description
The role is for a systems programming expert with prior knowledge of Kerberos, authentication technologies or UNIX system security. Specifically
- Proficiency in programming in one or more of the following areas; C, C++, C#, or Perl
- Familiarity with open source security software such as Snort, Nessus, Open SSL, or Open SSH
- Proficiency with developing authentication technologies including Kerberos and related utilities, SecurID, RADIUS, and more.

Skills Required
This is a deeply technical role requiring enterprise experience and suited to a true product/subject matter expert. The role is an engineering position and as such is suited ONLY to those with previous engineering experience.
- Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written
- Solid understanding in one or more: Kerberos, RADIUS, SecurID, identity management
- Solid understanding of common network and system attack methods
- Solid understanding of security best practices
- Expert level PERL programming, strong C programming, strong Unix system background
- Strong knowledge of Unix networking (sockets)
- Solid understanding of IP networking (TCP/IP and standard services)
- Prior experience in multinationals and large infrastructure
- Ability to write technical and operations documentation
- Ability to describe technical concept verbally and on paper

Skills Desired
- General understanding of Kerberos, RADIUS, SecurID (where not expert)
- Interoperability between Unix and Windows authentication
- Challenges in identity management
- Knowledge of SPNEGO, SAML, single-signon, multi-factor authentication

Education Level: Bachelors Degree

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Job Details

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  • Less than 1 month. Full-time - 30+ hrs/week
  • Start Date
  • 05/04/2012 10:17:44 PM
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