Scheduling Software Needed

Required software:

This is a database scheduling software project. We require a database to host a roster of contractors located in multiple cities and multiple countries. The contractors should be added to the database only once, and stored afterward. We should be able to upload a spreadsheet of all contractors to add them to the database quickly - (single manual upload option should also be available). We should also be able to upload sets of photos for each contractor, and update their skills, training, and recent work.

Contractors should be searchable by location, skill set, name, and any other attributes listed for them. The contractors should also be searchable by availability, ex, if we enter dates required, contractors who are not available in a specific region for those hours will be omitted from the search.

The database should allow us to easily schedule contractors for various contract work and projects with quick select, check boxes, or drop down menus after searching contractors. Contractors scheduled for work can be sent a mass email. The database should PREVENT us from double booking/ double scheduling contractors for overlapping hours.

The schedule should be view-able in multiple forms: Calendar, Gantt Chart, by project, and by job type.

This database serves 5 purposes:

- store entire roster of contractors and their specific skills and attributes, and photos
- Scheduling our roster of contractors in various regions and cities, and for various projects based on their skills
- To contact the contractors with mass messages/emails to update them. If contractors are scheduled for jobs, they will be emailed with information and updates about that job.
- To search contractors, and sort them by skill, region, and other attributes.
- Newsletter function: Newsletter can be sent to all, or select groups of contractors.


- Prefer programming in Python so that the software might integrate with our current web platform
- Must be hosted online so many people can access the database
- Prefer that this is coded on the mezzanine platform (which is Django platform)
- Must be scale-able to manage various schedules in multiple countries and cities


- multiple users must be able to access and schedule contractors
- Different types of users with different permissions required. Some can only view schedule, others can help create the schedule, others can do both and also add new contractors to the roster.
- Must provide a full picture of schedules for employees in:

* Specific Regions
*with specific skill sets
*for specific castings

- Must store talent so that they do not need to be manually added to the schedule every time.

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