Remote Tracking / Recording Software

Two Separate programs:
A- The First program#1 you will install the first program on computer #1 in stealth mode (hidden). When installed, this program will generate a random number (passcode) along with the (serial number) of the computer. These numbers are stored and hidden in this computer. Virus scan and spyware should not be able to detect it.
This program#1 should be able to be installed in iphone, Android and Black berry, PC with all windows version and MAC.

B- The second program#2 will be installed on computer #2 You should be able to do the following:
1- View the cell the computer #1 location via google maps operates 24/7 in stealth mode.
2- Turn on the cameras remotely of computer #1 (in stealth mode) and then able to record with voice (in stealth mode) when the (passcode) along with the (serial number) of the computer #1 is entered correctly
3- Able to delete all the cookies (saved passwords) remotely in stealth mode.
Develop a website to buy and download the first program#1 and register by entering the user

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