SMALL startup Chocolate company looking for book keeper to go through our Quickbooks records, bank records, paypal, merchant account and reconcile as well as suggest better practices and reconcile our accounts.

We currently sell online

a) Amazon.com
b) our own e-commerce site sales (1shoppingcart.com platform)


1) All sales data needs to be downloaded by you for the past two years from both platforms and input into Quickbooks as Online Sales with two sub categories Amazon.com and Website Sales (or as you see fit). Then the online charges, monthly and fees needs to be imported and line items created as expense accounts or as you suggest / see fit.

2) Next our bank data for past two years needs to be downloaded and needs to be reconciled against our Quickbooks data (maybe around 15 entries a month) - Shipping charges / meals / travel expenses / marekting / conferences etc... added to quickbooks.

3) We will send you pdf's of our vendors invoices to reconcile with our purchase orders around 100 entries.

4) We will also have to reconcile our customers payments and outstanding customers.

5) Finally run a report of all sales / debts / equity / COGS / etc... to get a sense of company standing.

If this goes well we would like to bring you in regularly to update our books and online sales.

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Job Details

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  • Hourly Project
  • Budget
  • $9-$11
  • Start Date
  • 06/28/2012 04:15:46 AM
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