Program Mobile Game In JavaScript For Android And IOS

Hi there!

I'm looking for a great programmer to assist with the development of a new mobile game. This project is for the programming piece only - the game design, assets (art and sound) and databases are already under development, so please keep that in mind when bidding.

The game will be compiled using Application Craft and deployed using PhoneGap: Build as a native app to the Apple and Google online stores. This means I need a programmer skilled in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Knowledge of SQL syntax and queries will also be required as the game will have an internal SQLite database for all the game objects and an external hosted MySQL database for hi scores. Knowledge of PHP and network functions will also be required to read and write to this external database. A bidder with previous experience developing apps/games for iOS and Android will be preferred.

I will supply a full design specification to the winning bidder including a Game Design Document, logic flow diagrams and functional prototype (SWF file). This will be a simple but high quality game. It will look as good as Angry Birds, but play as simply as Solitaire - no complex physics involved! Please only bid if you are capable of producing top quality, efficient and reliable code.

Make sure you read everything below, and happy bidding!

(Please do not bid on my jobs unless you can fulfil the following):
- Fluent English. You do not need to be a native speaker, but you must be able to 100% understand design documents, specifications, email correspondence and Skype conversations at about the university/business level.
- You must be proficient and experienced in the work I am asking you to do. Talent also helps a lot!
- You must be able to provide an example of previous work. I may sometimes ask you to supply me with a sample of a small piece of work from my project for you to prove that you can complete a larger piece (e.g., code 1 sample function from the many in the whole project).
- I prefer bidders with an excellent completion rate and feedback, but will always consider new bidders if they are talented.

About Me:
I am an independent games developer making my first cross-platform mobile title. I have previous experience developing web-based computer games with larger companies. This mobile title is my full time job: this is not a side project done in my spare time.

Needless to say, I have a tiny budget. I am using my savings to fund my living expenses and this project, which is why I aim to have it released within 3 months max. I'm doing most of the work myself but need help in areas where I am not so great or do not have the time to complete.

I want this to be a polished, professional final product that looks and plays as good as Angry Birds. I expect high quality in all work delivered.

It is essential that the final product works without any problems on Android and iOS. It should also be easily portable to other platforms (e.g. Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Web) with very little work required. You need to be especially mindful of this if you are calling libraries, functions or APIs.

I will make prompt payment on receipt of satisfactory work. In addition, if I'm really happy with your work, you can expect more work to come your way as this project is still in development and I have 2 larger projects in the pipeline.

My Contract with You (Very Important):
I've written the plain English terms that any bidder must agree to before starting work with me and attached them in the document called 'Plain English Contract Terms.txt'. If you cannot/will not agree to any of these terms, please do not submit a bid. These terms will form the basis of our contract which you must agree to before accepting any work.

The winner bidder must also agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before I deliver the Game Design Document. This will be supplied by me if you are successful in winning this project.

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