Private SOCKS4/5 Proxy Server

Aim is to setup Private SOCKS4/5 Proxy Server
Each user will get private "dedicated" SOCKS4/5 Proxy
each proxy IP will be tied to one specific customer
by allowing connections to it only from the IP's the customer specifies.
authenticating and managing users with "ID and Password".
You will setup everything to get it fully done.
You will provide documentation and support for the first Month.

We will review only who has actual previous experience in Private SOCKS4/5 Proxies.

PM me with what you can do in details.

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MySQL / Lighttpd + Phpcgi Optimization

We got a slowness in our MySQL database which is MariaDB running a Myisam storage engine in a huge DB for a vb 3.8 forum. We need optimization for best performance and determine the cause of the delay or performance effect...

Skills Required: Linux , MySQL , PHP
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • Job Expired

Linux Admin To Transfer Server Files Out Of Rescue Mode To AWS Glacier

We are looking for someone to mount drives in our current server rescue mode, and move the files backup to AWS Glacier storage.

Skills Required: Amazon Web Services , Linux , UNIX
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • Job Expired

Create Logstash Filter To Parse Syslog Messages

We are using elasticsearch, logstash, and kibana (ELK stack) to parse and store syslog messages received via UDP. This project is to write a filter that will fully parse a received syslog message into multiple headers that can be used in a table view...

Skills Required: Linux , Software Architecture
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • Job Expired

Necesito Una Persona Con Conocimientos En Seguridad Web...

Necesito una persona experta en seguridad web o con excelente conocimiento. conocimientos en vulnerabilidades en webs.. para ingresar el shell en vulnerabilidades... La persona me darĂ¡ una captura de pantalla con la shell instalada para confiar en mi luego pagare y me brindara el resto....

Skills Required: Linux , PHP , Networking & Security
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $50-$150
  • Job Expired

Android OS Customized

I want to customize an android OS. Just be able to make a cell phone using Android to do what ever I want the project specifics will be told in detail to the best bidder. No USA people will be awarded the project because of reasons known to me .

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • Job Expired

Cannot Start Tomcat-7 On Ubuntu

i cannot start my tomcat 7 server again i need a very quick and urgent solution The web application [] registered the JDBC driver [org.postgresql.Driver] but failed to unregister it when the web application was stopped. To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC Driver has been forcibly unregistered...

Skills Required: Java , Linux
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$80
  • 3 days, 1 hour left

Maintain J2EE System

I need someone to maintain our current J2EE system. Great opportunity to learn about Salesforce as we connect to it via their API. Ongoing work as needed but expect to have plenty work to do so a great opportunity for ongoing income...

Skills Required: HTML , J2EE , Java , Linux
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $15-$25
  • 3 days, 19 hours left

Server Administrator Part Time

Hi there, we need experienced server administrator for deploying linux unix services such as apache, virtualmin ,cpanel / whm, iptables etc please quote me per hour price to get started. ALSO LAZY PEOPLE NOT TO BID PLEASE

Skills Required: Linux , System Administration , UNIX
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $2-$8
  • 4 days, 13 hours left

Overlay Somes Audio Files

Hello, We have 6 audio files : [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] We need to add on the file [url removed, login to view] other files but : [url removed, login

Skills Required: Audio Services , Linux
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • 5 days, 21 hours left

Fix CPanel FTP Connection Problem

I just setup cPanel on a VPS and for some reason I cannot connect via FTP to any account. I get the following message on FileZilla: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server I'm thinking it has something to do with iptables but I'm not sure.

Skills Required: Linux , PHP , Software Architecture
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • 6 days, 7 hours left

Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $75-$100
  • Start Date
  • 06/04/2012 02:53:32 AM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired