POS App And CMS Website With Database And Stats

Currently they have Apps on the Market that are tailored towards Retail & Restaurants and I would like to make a App that is tailored for Night Clubs or Events.

this App (droid and iphone and ipad capable) must:
1. store data locally if no internet/ network connection is available & auto upload data as soon as the connection becomes available

2. must be able to select a Event (created by a admin) and that Event will need admin to set event hours & set prices for different patrons (some prices may vary by time) or also refered to as "items" like in a traditional POS App (POS meaning point of sale similar to a "Cash Register") and that "Event" will have its own Keys w/ Prices set by the "Admin" the "User" will be able to select "Items" and it will ring up a total like a POS app does now, statistics on the purchases will be broken down for admins to view live (items, totals, and comparisons to other previous events available in a drop down, by 1 hr, 30 min or 15 min intervals)

3. this app must also have a website made for it to where you can use the functionality of the app and look at statistics, create events, and create "user accounts" to have a "admin" account i must make that in the back end of the system myself (as i will charge clients a subscription for its use), data should be downloadable into xls spreadsheets on full site.

the person who accepts this job should be familiar w/ night clubs or events and how billing usually works and be creative to create a nice and simple interface but impressive graphic work. functionality must all work perfectly w/ the database and if it works on a joomla back end (since u will probably need to make a CMS website that works w/ the App) would be nice but i'm open to suggestions.

i will buy a new domain for this project, we will be starting from scratch!

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  • 12/12/2011 10:37:51 PM
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