Populate PDF Using User Entries And Database

I need a basic membership website written in Wordpress's Gravity Forms plugin that does the following:

1) User Registration & Login
2) Ask the user for some information using a Gravity Form
3) Manipulate the data on the backend
4) Populate the manipulated data into a pdf template for the user to see inside the website

This is a project from scratch. I don't need the front-end to look pretty, very basic is fine.

1) User logs-in

2) User clicks "Add Entry" button

3) A pop-up window opens containing a 2-page gravity form:

Page A)
What state did you live mostly in the year 2011? (dropdown of US states)

Page B)

- First Name (textfield)
- Middle Name (textfield)
- Last Name (textfield)
- Current Employee? (dropdown options: Y/N)
- If Yes: Employee ID: (textfield)
- Primary Phone Number: (textfield with phone number formatting)
- Local Phone Number: (textfield with phone number formatting)
- Cell Number: (textfield with phone number formatting)
- Street Address: (textfield)
- County: (dropdown option: Los Angeles County, Orange County)
- City: (dropdown options based on County: If "Los Angeles County": Los Angeles, Santa Monica; If "Orange County": Irvine, Anaheim)
- State: (Default to answer from Form 1)
- Zip: (textfield)
- Emergency Contact Name: (= 'First Name' + 'Middle Name' + 'Last Name')
- Emergency Contact Phone 1: (textfield)
- Emergency Contact Phone 2: (= 'N/A' if left empty)

4) User saves their inputs, the pop-up window closes and their data is displayed for the user to see in tabular form. User can reorder the entries using drag & drop, or add more entries

5) For each entry, the user can: Edit, Delete, View PDF

I've attached an example of the standard PDF template that I wish to populate. I have the Gravity Forms Developer license

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