Picture Gallery Integration In CF Page.

We've got a "My details" page where user enters the personal data (Address, Phone) and uploads the picture. Currently our picture gallery is a mix of third party tool (Uploadify) and CF scripts. We are not happy with the performance and happy to order a well tested module to integrate into our project.

The gallery module shall:

1. Read a DB to extract the pictures location.
2. Build a picture gallery where one picture is displayed in big size, while others are in thumbnail size.
3. Clicking on a thumbnail picture the gallery shall display it in big size without reloading the entire page.
4. The gallery shall display "Upload picture" button which allows the user to select the files to upload.
5. The picture validation script shall verify whether the user exceeded the max number of allowed pictures and display a error message if validation fails.
6. The picture processing part shall verify the file type (jpeg, gif etc) , resize the picture, build thumbnail, name the files and store two files on the server (big size and thumbnail pictures)
7. The gallery shall update the DB entering the UserID and picture path's.

Please bid this project only if you have already delivered such functionality with the reference to the corresponded web site.

Thank you.

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