Hey man here's the new directory project.

You remember that you did that coupon feature, with the pop-up. Here's some changes:

1. Only people that are registered can view the coupon. Everybody can see the "Click Here for Coupon" button but they can't actually view the pop-up unless they are registered. If they are logged in they can view the pop-up but if they are not logged in and they click on the "Click Here for Coupon" button, they will get a message (this can be a java script alert): "You need to register in order to view this coupon."

2. Once somebody registers and logs in and they click on the "Click Here for Coupon" button, I want the business to receive an email with the contact information of the person that have seen their coupon.
The business should receive an email with the person's First and last name, their email address and phone number.

That's it. Let me know if you have any questions. I need this in 2-3 tops if possible.

thanks a lot

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