MOD will work in our PHPBB3 forum in order to automatize user membership management.
The system will be able to define rules configurable via its own Admin Control Panel:
"If a forum user perfoms ACTION AND CONDITION=TRUE
SYSTEM will automatically perform ACTIONS over user account"
We will call the sum of the ACTION AND CONDITION a "Trigger"

- User ACTIONS to Monitor:
* Human User choice (user presses button or clicks on a link): this trigger can be kept as easy as possible, as far as is easily configured from ACP.
* User posts reply to certain existing message: ths could be defined with the URL of message. If a regex can be added in order to check contains of title reply, great.
* User logs in >= DATE: this ACTION must be evaluated just after user login

- CONDITIONS to MONITOR (always working as an AND CLAUSE over the ACTIONS)
* User BELONGS to a GROUP: list of user defined + default groups will be shown to choose 1 or more
* Day is >= certain DATE

- ACTIONS OVER user account to perfom if TRIGGER occurs:
* Add user to user-defined group with option to make this his default group
* Delete user from group
* Send private message to user: one of the draft messages but without deleting it in order to be ready for the next user.
* Send e-mail to user
* Delete user account (including user messages)
* Show messagebox to user: 256 charaacters string will be enough

The SUMAS must be able to held 9 diffrent rules (infinite number of rules woud be great but not neccesary) with a check ACTIVE/INACTIVE in order to allow storage of inactive rules.


About PHPBB3:
-Bid on this offer only if you know how to create mods for phpbb3
-Bid on this offer only if you know how to create mods for phpbb3 without compromising the security of the mothercode

Our PHPBB3 forum runs 3.0.8 version.
AutoMOD 1.0.0 installed
Default prosilver style template.
Running in Spanish. ACP configuration screen could be in English as far as it does not interfere with Spanish localization option.

Code will have to integrate seamlessly with the existing code behaviour, meaning that the forum must behave as if this operations were performed by an human operator manually (as it happens right now).

The logic and concept are simple and operations pretty straighforward. Probably the most time consuming part would be the ACP front-office.

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