Php Script Review & Fix

Hi There,

I have a PHP install script that is supposed to create all my subdomains for my website at the click of the button. It is not working as advertised and I believe it was done on purpose to force me into using a specific host.

I would first like a review of the script to see if it is fixable so that I can use it on my host which is and/or

If it can be fixed then please bid on how much you would charge to fix the script so that it works properly.

I have attached screenshots to show you step 1 is where I put all of my information. Video instructions show to put just the domain name in without http://www.

Step 2 would be all the subdomains that are going to get created, it is where I get the opportunity to rename the subdomains before they get created. Then I hit next at the bottom and it is supposed to start creating except I get the error in the screenshot I attached.

I have attached the php file for your review. If you can fix this to work for my host then please bid. Thank you!


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