Phone Gap / Sencha Mobile App Develper Needed


Our web design team is looking for a strategic partner to handle our mobile application development projects.

The person we ultimately work will must be:

1) Honest (if you say you are going to do it. and do it on-time)

2) Reliable (you should be readily available to communicate voice-to-voice via skype and we should be able to depend on you)

3) Affordable (the only way we are going to send someone repeat business is if they are priced very competitively)

4) Efficient (complete projects quickly and according to specification)

5) Responsive to update requests (we need very quick and reliable responses to any requests from our clients)

6) Skilled (you should have a proven track record of producing quality mobile applications (Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone)

7) Familiar with Phone Gap and/or Sencha


NOTE: We already have the first mobile app project ready to go. So whomever we hire will recieve their first job asap. The project descrition is below and I'd like a quote for how many working hours you believe you'd require to produce this application:

We'll need this application to work for the Android, Nokia and BlackBerry devices (hence the use of Phone Gap and Sencha to make all 3 apps at once):


- Self contained text messaging application

- this application will receiving all incoming text messages the user receives on their phone

- this application will give the user the ability to directly access their contact book (phone numbers, names)

- once downloaded onto their phone, the user will login and be able to view an "application tour" that shows them popup messages about how the app works

- this application will allow for direct access to the users camera so they can take new photos and/or select existing photos from their phone

- users will be able to crop their photos into pre-defined frames (for example: heart shape, square shape, oval shape, different color borders, star shape, etc.)

- after cropping an image into a border the user can save that image to an emotion slot in their "emotion library"

- the user can go through the process described above several times to build up a full "emotion library" of images

- when the user wants to send a text message they can open the app, type up some text, click an icon that takes them to their emotion library, select an image-expression and that image-expression will be embedded into their text message as an mms

- the user can then type more text if they want or just hit send to send the message and image-expression

Summary: This is a simple application that essentially replicates the phones native text messaging app. The core components that have to be built relate to being able to store a library of custom framed images - and having a tutorial that shows users how to use the app.

We will be hiring a team within a couple days so please submit a thoughtful bid describing applications you've built in the past (text messaging apps preferred).

Don't forget to tell me PRECISELY how many hours of work you project to complete the project above AND your overall bid (remember, this is an opportunity for you to build a long-term relationship if you win this project).



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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $750-$1500
  • Start Date
  • 06/11/2012 06:50:11 AM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired