PDF FORM. Simple Auto Populate Fields From Drop Down List

We have a simple single page PDF form which I would like several fields to be auto populated from one drop down list.
Ideally the data for this fields would be external to the PDF ( perhaps XML ? ) document just to make it a little easier to edit the form data in the future.
I have been using Adobe Livecycle but the Javascript side is beyond me :-0
I click on a drop down box with machine serial numbers. Select a serial number and the form auto- populates various other fields like Customer name ,Machine type, Contact name, ect ect.
A secondary drop down list for the parts used and auto populate the associated cost fields.
Would also be nice if there was away to enter new form data inot the pdf and have a button that save that form data back to the external XML file - Is that possible ?
please bear in mind that this form will probably end up on a Ipad, whether that makes any difference or not, I don't know..
Thanks for looking, and if there is any more info I can give, please yell back.

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