PayPal Recurring Payments Form

Need to create a simple form for PayPal recurring payments, using PayPal Payments pro - this means the form is directly on a local webpage, does not send to PayPal page for processing.

It is a very simple form, 1 item being charged, zero design work. It will have the following features:

- Enter your name, address, credit card number, etc.
- Enter Province/State drop down box needs to be adjust the tax rate, if 'x' state tax rate is 'x' (I will provide the tax rates)
- Show Subtotal to be charged
- Show total with tax to be charged
- Redirect back to main site when payment complete

That is it! Everything besides the tax rate can be completely hard coded, no CMS or control needed.

Can be HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Whatever you prefer, just not ASP

Please quote a best price!

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