Open SSH / SOCKS 4/5

Primary Objectives:
- Server SSH and/or SOCKS5 (this is like a resume :D) to open a connection on a target machine. Once the SSH is open i want to use some TUNNELIER application to use that opened connection. This server may open a SSH or a SOCKS5 connection, or both (extra cash added if both).

- This server must silently install into target machine (no I Agree, NEXT or other button)
- It will have to start automatically after installation.
- Once installed he will have to upload something like a log file on a ftp (remember this point because i will come back at it at my side application), or send it through email (also remember).

=============LOG FILE EXEMPLE ==================
target ip: $_SERVER (i use this for a better reference)
target port: $_PORT
target type: ssh/socks5
Login SSH username: (remember this)
Login SSH password: (remember this)

- this server may open other services like (ftp - i will use this to upload/download files from target machine)
(remote desktop - here you have as example, TEAM VIEWER, but of course without prompting or something)
- another service which it can have it: an ability for me to send it some commands using CMD. If i want to shutdown the target machine, i will have to open my side application, write down login details and white a CMD command like SHUTDOWN -S -T 5 etc.
- of course this will have to start at windows startup. It will be great if i will can have a list of target machines managed in(RUNNING PCs/OFFLINE when i click one, a popul will appear and show me all login details).
- you have to include a keyloger and a autoprintscreener. This will save the data into harddrive at a specified folder or upload to gived FTP. Also if you can made what I have asked you before (that ftp service) you can store the data only in harddrive and I will log on to target and retrieve the keyloger and autoprintscreen records.

Well i guess this is all for target machine.


Now, my side application must build that above server. So my side app will have two panels

- 1 -> server builder
- 2 -> server monitor


Here i want to be able to make the server application. If i will have a wizard button like "server creator":

Choice connection type: (checkboxs)
_ _
| | SSH | | SOCKS5
'-' '-'
_ _
| | FTP | | Remote Desktop
'-' '-'

if SSH allow me to set the username and password for.
if SSH checked but i don't fill username and password the default will be admin/admin
Choise service to open:
_ _
| | Keyloger | | Auto Print Screen
'-' '-'

if autoprintscreen checked enable some options:
Print screen frecvency [_]=------------=
Delivery Method
_ _
| | Upload to FTP | | Send to email
'-' '-'

if upload to FTP allow me to fill ftp details (host:port:username:pass)
if send to email allow me to fill SMTP setting (i have choice SMTP to avoid any ISP limitation)

When i click FINISH an .exe will be created. This exe file i call "server".


- 2 -> server monitor

Here the job is simple, i need to have panels which can control the server. Like i said, i will like to have two tabs (online/offline):
if online click connect. After hitting connect i want to see a panel with this options:

Show login details: host:port:username:pass type of connection
Open FTP (It should be something very basic, of course you will have to take care for something with two panels which allow me to upload or download, but i guess you have already considered this :D)
Open Remote Desktop
Upload keloger and auto print screen files to gived FTP


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