Need Custom Wordpress Plugin Developed

I want to combine to top plugins and make it unique.

First, there is which creates a POP UP when you try to exit the page. I want you to make me something just like that but with a little difference in the background images of the POP UP.

Secondly, I want you to make plugin like Coupon Deputy which works on Facebook. This is a plugin for Wordpress and you insert the files on Facebook page and when you click LIKE it shows code. But, I want it to be on wordpress and when someone shares it, It should show the code the page.

I want both of this in a Plugin. If you can do this one good, You will get tons more :). I will provide the ExitSplash and Coupon Deputy plugin as you can refer to that also.

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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $30-$250
  • Start Date
  • 03/18/2012 01:02:57 AM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired