My Penny Auction Script Needs Adjustments

I have a number of issues with my penny auction script that I need corrected. An example of the site is at: (Note: I have another currently active site somewhere else that uses this script. I will want to be able to transfer only the modified files to my other website, so it can update there. I will need you to tell me which files you edited in order for me to do this).

Here are the issues:

- In the admin controls, if I go to edit a currently active auction it won't show the item description that I had previously typed in for the auction. Instead a number appears in the item description box and I think this number is the number of days that I set for the auction (even though the regular option for days is still in there). All I want is for the item description to stay in there when I go to edit an active auction in the admin controls. That way I don't have to retype it again.

- When I click on an item and go to the item page, on the bottom there will be a "MORE IN THIS CATEGORY" area that shows other auctions in the same category. For some reason the currently active auctions that appear in this area will show CLOSED on the bottom of the panel, even though it is still active. I want this to be fixed, so people can bid on it there like they can on the main page.

- When a User logs in, their control panel is a little off. It has a section called "leaving feedback" which I need deleted because this script doesn't let users sell anymore. I also want to make sure that when an auction ends and a user wins, the user will be able to go to their control panel and see a PAY NOW button for the corresponding auction. I want to make sure the shipping and the bid amount get added into this total of the PAY NOW button. I need the user PAY NOW button to be functional by sending the user to PAYPAL. Right now it is not.

- On the main page there is a FEATURED area that shows one of the upcoming auctions. It appears in a big panel box, but the picture is a default picture that doesn't correspond to the picture I chose for that particular auction. I want the picture to match the picture that is uploaded for the auction.

- I need the picture gallery to actually hold pictures. If I upload a picture for an auction, there is a Create Gallery button. But, it never seems to hold any pictures after I click it. I want that fixed, so I can just choose a picture from the gallery instead of having to always reupload the same picture for my auctions.

- Finally and most importantly, I need my counter run off time (final 10 seconds of auction) to use an internal JS API, so that the website won't be so laggy. Right now it is very laggy.

These are my issues. The final issue will probably be the hardest because it will involve JS API knowledge. The rest should be pretty easy to fix for an experienced programmer in PHP and Paypal API.

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