Modified Lastest Events Mod For Jevents With Tabs - Revised

I need a modified Lastest Events mod for Jevents with Tabs that shows the next 5 (or 3 to 7) days just like what it is displayed on this website - Each day will have image I can change. Days will be changed by tab with Today, Tomorrow, then the day of the week for the remainder number of days. if 5 days it will show Today, Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday as the time of this post is on a Tuesday.

This needs to be an installable module for Joomla 1.7 and be able to run on different pages (just like any other module in joomla) with different jevent categories per module. Each module will be able to have one image per day (7) : Monday - Sunday. It should have the same Basic Options as mod_jevents_latest with the addition of the images per day.

This is for a non-profit websites so money is very tight

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