Mobile Recharge Software

I'm looking for Automatic Mobile Recharge System.

This will be two part:

Desktop part:
1) Automatic Mobile Recharge System will be in Desktop Computer. recharge sim willbe connect withe Desktop via usb 3g/EDGE/GSM Modem or Mobile phone.
2) Application can be create 3-5 kind of user level. a) Admin b) wholesaler c) Reseller d) Distributor e) client (note: all user can access in web platform)
3) system can able to show statistic by search/check
4) Software will be show real time position. (User on website/ Sending order/ etc)
5) Adding Mobile oparator and connect with modem/Mobile.

Automatic Mobile Recharge System. desktop will connect in internet with USB modem without static IP.

I need all source file for this project.

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  • 12/23/2011 08:45:41 AM
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