Looking For Database Developer For Filemaker Go For Ipad

I'm looking to utilize Ipad in my office. And was hoping to use filemaker as a platform for a part of my business. Im also hoping that the design of the interface/layout will be attractive and appealing since i place importance on design

We are a trading company that outsources our manufacturing to factories in China. We have 2-3 factories supplying each product type and we're always on the look out for new potential factories, therefore each product type we can have 50-200 factories on our database.

I'm hoping to see Ipad because of the ease and mobility, i frequently go to exhibitions and factories and therefore feel that ipad as a touch interface device is suited for me needs, i hope this gives you a better idea of how the interface/layout should be done

I've been reading up alot on Filemaker and can see the benefits it will bring to my computer. I'm looking to create 5 databases that are interlinked with each other.

1. Factory Information 2. Factory Audit Report 3. Sample Quality Control Report 4. Competitor Information 5. Product Information

Let me briefly explain each database so you can get a better idea of what i need

1. Factory Information - just some basic information, i already have the questionnaire ready. There are a variety of questions type; open, close, list. Also if possible take photos or videos. Also would want a section that could include the product prices + specs

2. Factory Audit Report - same as the above, mostly questionnaires. Taking photos and videos and inputting files are important too. If possible linked to the factory information. (im thinking it shld be separate from "Factory Information" because not all factories will get audit by us, any suggestions?)

3. Sample Quality Control Report - This will also be questionnaire type fields. Plus also an area where they can add comments. Same goes with the pictures and videos

4. Competitor Information - input the prices of the competitor products

5. Product Information - Our current product range. When i select the product it will show the competitors price in a format that is possible to compare. Also be able to show the prices of the other factories so that its easy to compare too

I hope this gives you a basic idea of what i want, i'm new to filemaker so please give any suggestions or maybe examples you have done in the past. Like i said, since i will be using this on the ipad, the interface/layout should be designed specifically for the ipad in mind.

Thanks alot

For factory information, i would like it to be linked to Google Maps, so i can know where exactly is the factory on the map

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