LogIn Routine

We need a routine to install in a website in developing for the login, made in this way:

Page HTML with form for fill username (input type="text" name="login_username") and password (input type="password" name="login_password"),

PHP Routine:
enrollment verify for username on database: if login ok in $_SESSION['userid'] enroll id user and than redirect on a page /dashboard.php ( empty page) if user is not member redirect on page error /login/error.php?err_login=1

will be provided a database mysql with tables needed for login. Is strictly request that all routines will be correctly commented, penalty of non-payment for work

We also need a routine for enroll the user on the website made in this way:
page with the form for users sign up with the following input fields

Username (input type="text" name="user_username"),
Password (input type="text" name="user_password"),
Email (input type="text" name="user_email"),
CountryFK (impostare a 0, input type="hidden" name="user_country" value="0")
TipologyFK (impostare a 0, input type="hidden" name="user_tipology" value="0")
IsBusiness (impostare a 0, input type="hidden" name="user_isbusiness" value="0")
IsVerified (impostare a 0, input type="hidden" name="user_isverified" value="0")

user control through unique email address entered. If user exists and is validated (IsVerified = 1) load registration page with the error message /signup-client.php
if user exists, but is NOT validated (IsVerified = 0) send email with summary data with link for validation user(*1)

if user does not exist:
1. record data in to Database
2. send email with summary data with link for validation user(*1)

(* 1) = The email will contain a link to the page /login/validate.php?id=[iduser]. On this page you will need to check the status of user validation and, in case the user is not validate (IsVerified = 0), validate it by changing the field IsVerified=1 and redirect to the page /dashboard.php (blank page) .

Please structure the work as follows:

/sys/global.php => common variables
/sys/function.php => common functions (access to mysql, mysql closing connection, send email etc ...)
/login.html => HTML page with a form to login
/login.php => php page that includes routines for login
/dashboard.php => empty php page
/login/error.php => page that will print the value of the query string variable err_login
/signup-client.php => HTML page with a form to register
/write-user.php => PHP page that includes routines for database logging and email
/login/validate.php? id = [iduser] => php page that includes routines for user validation
/dashboard.php => php page that will print the value of the query string variable id_user

The structure of pages is strictly mandatory, such as inserting comments in each routine, otherwise the not paid of work.

SQLyog Community v9.50
MySQL - 5.5.20 : Database - cocontest

/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;

/*!40101 SET SQL_MODE=''*/;

CREATE DATABASE /*!32312 IF NOT EXISTS*/`cocontest` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 */;

USE `cocontest`;

/*Table structure for table `users_clients` */

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `users_clients`;

CREATE TABLE `users_clients` (
`UsersClientsPK` mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'Primary Key',
`Username` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`Password` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`Email` varchar(255) DEFAULT

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