Linked N Chicago

We need to rebrand from our current logo. Linked N Chicago is the largest location based Linked In group. We are all about helping people meet the people they need to meet. Our current logo can be seen at WE have over 45,000 members

We will be creating a sister site and the URL will be
People use the term LiNC alot when they talk about the group - but we can't use LiNC because it is already taken.

So it's going to be kind of tricky with the logo and I'm not sure how to approach this ....we are going to keep calling ourselves Linked N Chicago and LiNC - but we will be using LiNChicago - for the sister site logo.

We want to maintain the Chicago Flag colors. People in Chicago feel strongly about our flag as a brand so we will want to leverage that. We want something simple and recognizable that we can reuse for our business cards, flyers and all other material going forward.

The tagline is simple: ""Chicago's Professional Network""

Our goal is to connect businesses and people so that people meet the people they need to meet. In turn this will create business opportunities and as a result create more jobs in and around the Chicagoland area.

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