Lifestyle-music-film Journalists Needed (only Serious Inquiries)

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ADARAS MAGAZINE® is a premier online fashion/entertainment publication which focuses on the independent, up and coming personalities in the music, art, and fashion industry. We need writers for our lifestyle and music section.

Discuss the current state of the economy and other human interest columns. We are currently looking for licensed psychologists; sex therapists and fashionistas as staff writers.
The psychologist would cover topics such as teen suicide, depression and sociopathic behavior. The sex therapists would cover topics such as extra-marital and possible "cause and effect", sex education and ways to "spice" up the relationship.

Discuss new indie bands on the rise; concerts, festivals and events in the area or abroad (attend and critic). Discuss methods of self promotion tactics and success rate. Talk about new indie films and sub culture artists. Indie Band Chart toppers (local or abroad).

Writers should include their resources, to solidify their facts. If you take this assignment you will be paid a flat rate(which will be discussed via online video chat) and all works must be your own and not copied from a blog site, a journalist other than yourself (unless reference is made to their works). If your rates are in the hundreds then we're sorry but this may not be for you, but it is is an ongoing job. We only want serious and experienced writers to apply.

We fully welcome students but you have to, and we can't stress this enough, HAVE TO, send us examples of your work. If you don't include samples or links to your work we will not consider your request. We've had too many people inquire with no proof of their works or they take on assignments and fall short of deadline.

We ask that you include a high resolution profile picture to be included with your article. If you also include high resolution photos of your subject matter (your own images not stock photos) you will be compensated as well. We have a writer staff of 6 writers and 2 editors at the moment but there is always room for growth. We look forward to working with you.

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