LAMP Optimization For Database Intensive Site

We have a home grown intranet system based on LAMP that has grown with our company over the last 3 years. As we take on more users we are seeing considerable slowness for some of the larger query operations.

I put up a test server on AWS with a large configuration to see if that helps and it didn't. I don't think things are configured correctly on the server.

I'm looking for an expert to hire on an hourly basis to help me optimize the memory or other configuration parameters for mysql based on the needs of my system. I'm also open to a different server configuration (AWS) based on your feedback.

I have a specific page that we can test with - it currently takes about 20 seconds to load on my old server with 1G of memory and about 1 minute to load on my new (test server) with 8 gigs of memory - something isn't right.

I'd prefer we chat on skype while you are working on it so i can get you started, give you the credentials, etc.


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I need you to move my Tomcat6 + Solr server to a new machine. The search index has about 1GB of data, which I do not want to recreate. After migrating, you may have to upgrade the Solr server, and I will want a few configuration changes and additions.

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Linux Asterisk Specialists Monthly Job

Hi there, We need top Asterisk and Linux Admin to work with our clients on regular basis. We will offer $12 / hour for the expert and the projects will also involve communcation with the clients. Need skills Asterisk / Elastix / vicidial Linux / Email Servers / CPANEL / DirectAdmin / Plesk / Apa

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Amazon EC2 Instance Set Up

Setup up EC2 with Apache and Glassfish, with Route 53, SSL certificates. I have an Android app that was working with EC2, but needs to be reconfigured from scratch.

Skills Required: Amazon Web Services , Apache
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $15-$25
  • 6 days, 14 hours left

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  • Fixed Price Job
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  • Min $50
  • Start Date
  • 01/13/2012 07:26:33 PM
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