Javascript Expert Needed

I have a form that enters data into a db, and the flow of the fields change according to the choices the user makes. The form creates location based activities called "stations".

I need a Javascript EXPERT to create a duplicate of this form, in which a user can enter the email which he wrote when filling out the form, and then can choose his station, and get the form filled out and be able to change it, and resubmit. This means the form needs to open up with only the relevant fields according to his original choices.

I already have a form that edits according to email and stations, and has "restore from DB" feature, but the fields are rolling up as in the original form, and the original form has changed a bit since then, so this needs to be changed too.

This is the form (I am going to update it a bit in the next few hours):

This is the current editing form:

This is not a complicated project for a javascript EXPERT, but other, less experienced freelancers, have been mixed up in the javascript code, so I need someone who is a real proffessional. I have a lot of projects for a freelancer that can solve this quickly and effectively.

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