Java Developer Needed

We are looking for a Java/JSP developer to create a site where we can test developers with software problems. We have a current version that we can show you as an example. The current page is currently written in PHP and uses HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

There are two parts to the desired website
1) An admin page that will allow:
a. an admin to create a unique key for a user to log-in with (based on their email as an input)
b. an admin to later view the test results (time taken to complete test and the uploaded solution files)
c. an admin to create and manage test questions

2) A test page where users can log-in using the unique key generated above and take a test
a. the test taker will login and see a screen that has all of the available questions plus the status of the question (Never Opened, Opened on TIMESTAMP, Uploaded Solution on TIMESTAMP)
b. once a question is clicked, the question should open and a timer should start
c. at the bottom of each question should be a form input to upload a solution file and navigation buttons (Previous Question, Back to Main, Next Question)
d. the time taken and files uploaded should be viewable on the admin page for review by an admin

Overall there will be 4 JSPs
1) admin.jsp : For admin functionality described above.
2) test_access.jsp : A page showing a form where test-taker will enter his key. (Key will be sent out by email after generating it from admin.jsp).
3) test_home.jsp : A page that shows all the available questions with status.
4) test_problem.jsp : A page where user sees the current problem (after clicking it from test_home.jsp) and uploads the solution. This page will also show a timer.

Other Notes
Appropriate notifications should be injected after most operations like uploading a solution. Standard JSPs only. Data must be stored in SQL. Tomcat webserver.

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Job Details

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  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $30-$250
  • Start Date
  • 01/14/2012 12:20:55 AM
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