J2EE Based Buzz

The application should avail encrypted J2ee servlets interfaces to expose main functionalities of the most famous chatting platforms like (facebook, twitter, skype, MSN, yahoo messenger, ..).
The main functionalities are (
- login,
- logout,
- update status,
- list online friends,
- list online friends status,
- receive all sent messages from online friends,
- list a friendship requests and
- approve a friendship request)
Another module with a special thread should be running all the time to receive messages sent from online friends.

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LearnDash / Exchange Setup For School Site

Our online school is looking for a developer familiar with LearnDash LMS to setup and implement the plugin on our site. MUST have experience with LearnDash LMS (see www.learndash.com) and be able to provide sample of work w/ LearnDash and reference(s) for such jobs...

Skills Required: HTML5 , MySQL , PHP
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $250-$750
  • Job Expired

Create A Wordpress Template

hello kindly convert PSD to html5 / css3 template also create wordpress site . this site is for construction company low budget is awarded

Skills Required: CSS , HTML5 , MySQL , PHP , Wordpress
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • Job Expired

WooCommerce Coupons Export

Need Coupon export. So we can select date and it will export all the coupons thats been used within that date. or u select the date and enter item number and it will export all the item used on that item.

Skills Required: Database Administration , HTML , MySQL , PHP , Wordpress
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • Job Expired

I Want To Setup A Website From Back Up

I want to setup a website from back up the windows base website hosting from 1 and 1 is ready just need some one to make the webiste live from back up and all zip files

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • 3 days, 7 hours left

MLM Script

Users can sign up with register (admin can setup activation or not activation through email clients) users can login after verification validation users will be given userID refferal for recruit new member and will gain profit after his account already make transaction firsttime users can buy...

Skills Required: AJAX , HTML5 , MySQL , PHP , Templates
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$100
  • 19 hours, 20 minutes left

Write Wordpress Plugin For Woocommerce Integration

I need a custom extension/plugin companion integrating with Woocommerce and WPMU Membership that will auto generate a coupon code and email it to registered user...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 1 day, 4 hours left

Creating A Page With Google Login&Facebook Login With Points Tracking

Hi Friends, I Will have A Mailer Page in My website.I Need Google&facebook Login where user can login and send the mailer to any one from his mail.. For every 1 email he sent he will be getting one point.If he sent the mail to 200 people he will be getting 200 points.Same in facebook he can post t

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 1 day, 6 hours left

An Online Examination System

Hi. I want to develop an online examination system. >web based application using JSP. >3 different subjects and hence different test >display 15 questions in 1 test. >questions art of multiple choice. >Admin's login area to add new,edit,delete question etc. >questions are to b

Skills Required: J2EE , Java
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 3 days, 4 hours left

Matlab Code (pseudocode) To Java

I have been given a task by professor to convert a pseudocode into JAVA. Most of the commands of pseudocode are from MATLAB language. The developer is required to translate pseudocode into JAVA language. Find the attachment (taskdetails...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$30
  • 3 days, 6 hours left


Hi URGENTLY NEED a good java programmer who can complete small project in short deadline which is just few hours from now. Pelase get details from https://www.hightail.com/download/elNJa0ZRcG84aVBOUjhUQw i'm wodering if u can complete it within 12 hrs form now. Just problem 6 and 9...

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 3 days, 13 hours left

Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $750-$1500
  • Start Date
  • 03/09/2012 09:20:06 PM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired