Iphone App, Will Work Just Like Our Website

1. i have a desktop version of the site, i need a mobile app powered by 5 php pages. Written in css or html5. I already have a desktop version which is composed of 4 php so this should be pretty easy..

(Desktop Version)
1.(Index.php) is a simple google type front end page, search box

2.(search.php) is the results page that displays the search results (powered by youtube api)

3. (play.php) is a page that users can watch a youtube video, the file is cached in real time and then offered via a link to the user after it's done caching

4. (mymp3.php) within 10 min, the same video the user just watched is available via (mp3) format, the file is converted to mp3 and stored on the db as (converted=1) . So each time the user visits this page (his ip is saved) so he can see the latest videos he watched, and if it's (converted=1) in the db, the video displays as (converted) to the user

This is what i need for the (App features) A total of 5 pages, (index page) , (search page) (play page) (my video page) (top100) in css or html5

1. Index.php is a simple front end search box

2. search.php this is the same using youtube api as the desktop version, this is the results page of the yotube video

3. play.php will be the same, , but instead the user will see a download link,
> if the user clicks (download) then it will trigger the download if the file is local in the db
> if the user clciks (download) and it's not local in the db then it will setup a cache

4. You will be working with the sites developer, so you will do everything, but the cache part you will get help from the developer

5. The notification feature is something you will have to develop, maybe 15min after the user clicks "download" that's when the notification will be sent to the user
(message) "Your MP3 is ready on mp3obama.com"

5. I also got some snapshots (this is how it will look) when done, check the zip file attached

6. Will need an update section as well, so in the future we can update the app

7. I can only pay if it's approved with app market, so you will also need to get it setup for approval,

Again you will be working with a developer if you need any assistance on the code, he will assist you if needed

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