IPhone And Android Version Of The Same App To Show Listings

I need a custom app in * both iOS and Android version * to display real estate listings pulled from a web page that I will provide. The app must read the user's location coordinates and only display listings located within a certain radius that the user can select. The data pulled from my site will contain these coordinates. A separate thread must be employed for polling my web site and reading any new data that is available. Listings shall be displayed in two ways:
1). A tableview scrollable up/down with each cell containing an icon (left), title, short summary, and an arrow to the right. When the user clicks on a listing he will be shown a detailed screen with more info. He can then choose to bookmark or delete/ignore the listing.
2). A classic google map view showing markers for all the surrounding listings within the chosen radius. Users can zoom in/out on this map, and thus set the visibility radius filter.
The Android version must look identical with the iOS version of the app. All views must accommodate both tablet and smartphone screen size, and work in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Must target iOS 5 and Android 4 frameworks respectively.

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