Integrating And Developing Electronics Consumer Product

Integrating and Developing Electronics Consumer Product

Our company is looking for an expert/s to prepare prototypes and production ready board design by integrating few available development and evaluation kits available in the marketplace. This integrated Electronics Consumer Product will have 4 different models(different modules in differet model)
Basically the idea is to use smartphone to control certain device/(s).

This product prototype needs to be built as follows: (better idea's are welcome)

1) Use Friendly ARM Mini2440/ Sun7/ AllGo/ Beagleboard XM or any other comparative development kit boards and later turn to SOM (System on Module)

2) Our team in Noida India is developing the Android/IPhone App for the same product and there will be a tight integration between the product and the teams.

3) There are 4 modules on this device 1) Bluetooth 2) Wifi 3) GPRS/GSM 4) DTMF

4) There will be inclinometer sensor with RF backlink to the control board as well.

5) The product is to use the smartphone application to control certain device remotely.

6) Expert level knowledge on the above mentioned technologies alongwith Linux/Android embedded development is a MUST.

7) The maximum timeframe to execute is appx 15-20 days.

Companies/Freelancers who have prior experience with product development using Friendly ARM Mini2440/ Sun7/ AllGo/ Beagleboard XM product line can develop this product in few days. Please mention your previous experience with above products including expert capabilties. Companies providng end to end design, development, prototype, test and production will be given preference.

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  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $250-$750
  • Start Date
  • 03/29/2012 07:56:11 PM
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